Matt Bevin 2014

Kentucky Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Does Matt Bevin have what it takes to beat out Mitch McConnell for the Republican candidacy in Kentucky? Can he represent the conservative values Kentucky is known for? The approval rate for the current polls certainly trend that way.


Matt Bevin takes pride in maintaining the core beliefs his fellow Kentuckians fight for every day. He stands against tax increases and a raise in the debt limit while fighting to secure American borders.  Will this resonate with the voters of the 2014 election? We'll have to wait to find out.


*Note that this website is not sponsored by Matt Bevin or any of his campaign members. It is simply designed to educate Kentucky residents about his candidacy and his vision for America as a whole.



Matt Bevin grew up in the small town of Shelburne, New Hampshire, where he was taught the value of hard work and strong values. After he graduated from high school, he attended Washington and Lee University on a four year ROTC scholarship. He graduated in 1989 and became an officer in the U.S. Army.


It was not until he completed his military service that he and his wife Glenna decided to settle down in Kentucky. Bevin and his family have been Kentucky residents since 1999, and they have become valuable members of the community as a result of that.


With a sound financial head on his shoulders, Bevin was able to save his family's bell manufacturing company from possible bankruptcy in 2008. After the company was tragically burned down from a lightning strike in 2012, Bevin was able to rebuild it again and continue the Bevin Bros. legacy. To this day, Bevin Bros. makes thousands of bells used across the country.


Bevin and his wife have nine children, four of whom were adopted from Ethiopia. He is a devoted father and strong-willed political advocate who hopes to reform the U.S. economy in years to come.

Matt Bevin's Political Stances at a Glance


Matt Bevin is a Conservative Republican who believes in "individual liberty, limited government, and constitutional principles." With his deep Christian values providing a guide for his decisions, Bevin believes in creating jobs and stabilizing the economy, rather than handing out bailouts that aren't deserved.


Bevin has proven the strength of his financial mindset in his personal life, and he wants to use that power to rebuild the U.S. economy. He believes that America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and that the deficit can be greatly improved by minimizing the "addiction." Bevin supports passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution that will force Congress to keep their spending at or below historical spending levels.


The information below goes into more detail about Bevin's stances on serious political issues for 2014. This page is updated regularly to reflect new matters that arise in Bevin's campaign, and it will continue to be updated as he pursues a place as Senator for Kentucky in 2014.

mine whether or not he is elected as the next United States Senator for Georgia in 2014.


Matt Bevin on Spending



Bevin believes that the only way to reduce the national deficit is to put America on a budget. The nation has been waiting too long for congress to cut spending "next month" or "next year." Bevin wants to see a change right now.


"Our government doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending addiction…It’s time for taxpayers to hold our politicians accountable."

Matt Bevin on Taxes



Bevin encourages the creation of a flat tax code as a reformation to the current system, which will promote job creation and allow Americans to fill out their tax forms with ease. Bevin also stands against the development of internet sales tax, which he believes will kill jobs throughout the country.


"Our tax system also needs to be reformed – desperately."

Matt Bevin on Healthcare


Bevin is strongly against the implementation of Obamacare and the state of the U.S. healthcare system as a whole. Bevin has repeatedly blasted Mitch McConnell for not doing enough to black funding for Obamacare.

"We need to defund Obamacare immediately and repeal Obamacare as quickly as legislatively possible."

Matt Bevin on Education

Bevin believes that there should be a limit to the government's involvement with the education system, leaving states and towns to decide what is right on their own. He feels that the community must decide what is right for its children, not the nation.

"The federal government's one-size-fits-all, top-down policies rob states of their sovereignty and have failed our students."

Matt Bevin's Take on Term Limits

Unlike most candidates, Bevin believes that there should be term limits for senators and representatives so that modern American values are properly represented in Congress. If elected, Bevin will not serve for more than two terms.

"Our founding fathers envisioned a Congress, comprised of citizen legislators that would be accountable to the American people. Today, we have the opposite: Elite politicians in Washington who have lost touch with the people they are supposed to represent."

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